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Though much has changed in my life I remain a passionate collector and player of vintage American made plywood basses. The website will continue to serve as a resource for those that share my enthusiasm for these fine instruments.

The mission had been to rescue, recycle and restore American-made plywood basses. With the death of my husband, Lonnie G. Hamer, I have had to adjust my mission, but my passion for music and upright bass has not diminished.  

These fine American-made upright basses are truly underrated given their huge contribution to all types of music. Whether it's bluegrass, big band, swing, jazz, blues, trad, rockabilly or old-time music, more often than not there has always been a great vintage plywood bass holding down the low end. Great music has been made with these plywood basses, built during the late 1930s through the late '60s, than any other kind in music history. American Standard, Epiphone, Gibson, Kay, King, it doesn't matter, I love them all the same.

The Epiphone History page shares my research on Epiphone upright bass history and prewar Gibson upright basses. You can add your Epiphone bass information to the Epiphone registry project by e-mailing the details of your bass.

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Wendy Staley

Update, December '23:

— sorry for the mess, please check back soon!

I'm Steven Ayres. After many years of great work and contribution to our community, Wendy is retiring and has turned the domain and site over to me. I'm better known as the current custodian of the Kay Bass and Cello Registry at Kaybass.com. I'm honored that Wendy asked me to help maintain and continue the Hamer legacy in the American-plywood bass world. Look for some updates and changes, coming soon. Please contact me with questions at SAyres@Kaybass.com. Cheers!